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I just priced it out and i was originally going to be doing a A36 prototype but i found that it is not much cheaper than 1045 Steel. So i will buy a 4' x10' sheet for the water jet at tech shop to cut to the 9"x18" sheet sizes to mill out. i also found out that my machine time has increased from the projected 2.5 hours to 5.5 hours. also tech shop is in process of moving to new location and they already moved the water jet (their biggest machine) about a month ago and has since been off limits until the move and the building is to code for people "customers" to be in it. the move starts in march 2nd and techshop will be down for 10 days until move is complete. then i will have access to the water jet and the tormach again and then i will begin machining them out. also china is back off their chinese new year so i will be ordering the bearings from there soon.

Originally i was going to take some 4" x 12" smaller plates of A36 that i have in my garage and weld them together to make a 9" x 18" sheet and grind the welds down for prototype. but i dont think that will yield a very good steel prototype. so i was going to go to 1045 sheets ordered to size however the price was outrageous as i could get a 4' x 10' sheet for what it would cost me for 5 9" x 18" sheets.

I will post a update with this information on my dev blog for the shredder so continue to monitor the blog. the blog can be found here:


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I just started working at a machine shop to learn more about cnc. He has a old mill that he is no longer using. It would be perfect to start machining out the shredder. It is a old production grade cnc machine. 15hp spindle 10k rpm 24 piece tool changer and 40"x20" bed. so i am going to be designing a fixture this weekend to do the shredder. The fixture is so i can run one after another. In the mean time while i am using that machine i am going to be designing a cnc plasma machine to be using at home. It is way faster and is more suited for this kind of work. But it will take a while to get it calibrated. While the mill will turn out perfect parts every time. I will see when he has time to show me more on how to use that machine it will probably be a Saturday.

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