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  1. Hello my friends, I hope you're all well, all of you. I want to tell you about a tool that has helped me a lot in particular. I am in charge of preparing the staff for their new tasks. For that reason I must always be up to date with the best technology. And there is a program that helped me a lot and surprised me. The program is called: PLC Programming Software of Nirtec and it has the peculiarity that you can program it if you have the necessary knowledge. It's super useful and I recommend it to you.
  2. karrikas

    Technology come to me!

    Hi my people! I had some days without going through here. How are you all? I, the truth, the encounter, the encounter, the encounter, the work, the work, the employment, the employment and the employment. For example, recently I bought a 3090 conga for the opinions of my friends. My friends had told me that it was worth it, and now that I have security. You save time in cleaning, and really clean well and the same creates a map of the house so that you do not go through the same place twice! It is very amazing.
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    Helloeveryone, I tellyouthat I founded a largecompanyfor home, accordingtowhichthecompanywasgrowinglogicallytheproducts in myinventoryalsodid, thatiswhy I bought a large barn where I neededtoarrange in anorderlymannerallthemerchandisefor sale,fortunatelylookingongoogle I found a prestigiouscompanycalled LlorsaForklifts which has a widerange of forliftswithwhich I couldaccommodate in its place themerchandise in my barn and eventheygave me technicalassistance, I recommendthemtoall, here I leavetheurl in case youneedit:
  4. Hello my friends I hope you are all very well. I want to tell you that I recently went to a job interview. The truth is that I was calm and I did tests that were normal for me. The truth is that I didn't think it would stay because there were people with "more experience" than me. But I was surprised when they called me to tell me that the position was mine because I was the person who knew best programming. In this specific job you need to work because it will make use of an excellent program called: PLC Programming Software, which can be modified by programming. I encourage you to learn how to program kids. It is very useful.
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    A good help

    Hello my friends how are all of you? I hope and wish with all my heart that all of you will feel wonderful. I want to tell you that I recently moved house and that means that I had to keep a lot of things, so that later the guys from the move would put them in the truck and then put them down in the house and all that kind of stuff. The thing is that when they put things down in the new house, I realized that there were very heavy things that I couldn't move on my own. So that's why I decided to buy a used forklift at Llorsa Forklifts. I bought it used because I didn't have a lot of budget and this way they are cheaper. In the end it has been very useful to me. I recommend you to have one if you have to lift heavy things.
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    GardensPazo to Factory

    Good and Greetings to all of you companions, I hope you are having a happy day, I tell you that my daughter was going to make her communion and I know that she loves open air places and nature, so I wanted to celebrate in a place like this, after much searching I found the wonderful Hotel where we held the communion celebration and it was fantastic because the hotel has a super large and beautiful garden where the guests were, my daughter fascinated them, I recommend all of you this unique experience, here I leave the url if you are interested:
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    Hello after a long time

    Hello, everybody. I wanted to stop by to know a little about all the friendships I have made in this nice forum, and also to know a little about my colleagues. I have to say that I've been a little busy and that's why I haven't been here much. My time goes to work, and it is difficult for me to have free time, and when I have free time I occupy it to be with my family. I must say that lately I have also given myself time to buy things. For example, the last gift I bought myself was a banbu watch or "reloj de banbu" as my family (Spanish family) says, which I liked too much. It seems to me something original and that's why I bought it. I'll leave the url here if you're interested:
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    PLC Programming Software

    Hello my friends, I wish you all the best. I want to tell you that recently I started to work in a company in which I wanted to work for a long time. For certain reasons I can't say what company it is. It is not a super big company but it is a company that gives you certain comforts. Best of all is that you work with PLC Programming Software which I love and is my favorite software. Here you have the url of the software in case you don't know it:
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    The best air compressors

    Hello my friends, I hope and wish you all well. I want to tell you a funny anecdote that happened to me when I went to visit my family. And what basically happened was that my tire was damaged on the road. That's where I had to get off to repair it. I was going with one of my nephews and I told him to help me. Everything was fine until I told him to pass me the air compressor. The problem was that I didn't know the Spanish name and I told him in English and he looked like "WTF" hahahahaha. In the end if I said it in Spanish "compresores de aire" and everything went well. Now that I think about it that compressor has saved me many times, it is of good quality and I bought it in an excellent page of air compressors which is: "" I totally recommend it to you.
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    Hello my friends I hope the best for all of you. I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I must confess that until recently I did not know the community but now I am happy to be part of it. I can define myself as an expressive person and I really like flamenco. So much so that I recently signed up for flamenco classes and I also found an excellent site on the web where they teach flamenco drums which I really liked. I want to recommend it to you and that's why I'll leave you the url here: