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    Discover one of the best capitals in the world: Bangkok Bangkok is one of our favorite cities. We do not know very well the reason and it is that at first sight it can provoke something of rejection: it is too humid, with too much traffic, with too many people ... we are going too! But it has something that traps us and that makes us come back again and again. They will be their street stalls, they will be temples like Wat Po or Wat Arun, it will be the Royal Palace, they will be its skyscrapers where to have a cocktail in the heights, it will be their exoticism ... We have visited Bangkok a 7 times and we do not see the time to return ! we always take a Thailand vacation packages
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    Banff National Park. Alberta The first of the Canadian national parks (the third in the world) is an icon is itself, with images and places as beautiful and popular as Lake Peyto, in the image. Located in the heart of the Rockies, it houses other gems such as Lake Louise with emerald waters, the immense meadows of Sunshine Meadows and towering peaks. The Banff is one of the parks connected by the panoramic road Icefields Parkway. One of the beautiful locations you will meet in a Canada vacation packages