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  1. Latest ETA ?

    Any updates when we could get an actual unit ? Thanks
  2. Major Update: TechShop Went Bankrupt

    This sucks beyond belief. I was hoping that actually I could get one of those finally, have been collecting plastic for 2 years. What parts are you missing ? Can I get some of the made parts to try to finish a shredder on my own ? Thanks,
  3. Update: 9/22/2017

    Outstanding ! When do you think you will be able to ship some units ?
  4. 7/17/2017: Update

    "going to finish up an entire shredder this coming weekend" Very nice ! Can I have it ?
  5. 76th Week: 5/30/2017

    Enjoy your vacation !
  6. 5/24/2017 Update

    Great news ! What is your tentative time to ship some of the units ?
  7. Update: 4/15/2017

    Any news ?
  8. Update: 3/2/2017

    Any news ?
  9. Latest ETA ?

    Thanks !
  10. Latest ETA ?

    How are you coming along with the shredder ? I have lots of Dell plastic ready to shred, my woodchipper + shears method could see some improvement