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  1. Latest ETA ?

    I just started working at a machine shop to learn more about cnc. He has a old mill that he is no longer using. It would be perfect to start machining out the shredder. It is a old production grade cnc machine. 15hp spindle 10k rpm 24 piece tool changer and 40"x20" bed. so i am going to be designing a fixture this weekend to do the shredder. The fixture is so i can run one after another. In the mean time while i am using that machine i am going to be designing a cnc plasma machine to be using at home. It is way faster and is more suited for this kind of work. But it will take a while to get it calibrated. While the mill will turn out perfect parts every time. I will see when he has time to show me more on how to use that machine it will probably be a Saturday.
  2. Working at Machine Shop!

    Started working at a machine shop the 12th 4 Full Enclosure Mills 3 VMC and 1 HMC 1 Bridgeport Manual Mill Band Saw Vertical And Horizontal Various other tools So i am going to be running parts for him and learning more about CNC machining and eventually MAYBE use one of the mills that he does not use any more for the green engineers projects and still building my plasma. and possibly buying other cnc machines.
  3. MAJOR Update 2/15/18

    I got a part time job at a machine shop At this machine shop i am the only machine operator besides the owner. The owner is also very open about when i learn more about the particular machine This particular machine that i would use which is one that he doesn't use any more. is 40" x 20" x 20" which can do about 2 shredders at once. with 10k rpm spindle rated at 15 hp with 24 peice tool changer. Also he can consult me on the job as he has been maching for about 32 years. He does not have any 2D cutting machines such as a laser/water jet so all would have to be done on a mill. Also i filmed a video talking about the prototype that Kyle at central shop at SJSU. that will hit my youtube channel soon check out external links on my main page of website. i hope to start to order some precut material to just slap on that machine and power through it i will shoot some video and let you guys know when i start cutting. thanks again for your patience.
  4. Major Update: 2/15/18

    Finishing up printing the remaining parts and assembling in the new office Bought leveling platform for Trinus Finally feeling like i am situated back home Bought 2 new spools of filament to finish the parts I am now working part time at a machine shop so i have access to tools again. Tools way better than those at tech shop. Going to try to buy another printer to have at the my part time job at shop so i can print parts aswell. So i can also make use of my time at the shop as i am going to be spending about 30 hours a week here. Also situated back at school so going to start hitting the groove with the parts. Really excited to get these parts finished and sent out as well as being unveiled at this years maker fair in San Mateo Major Update: also i have been filming some footage and audio for my youtube channel to keep you guys informed in a audio format as it is way quicker than this typed format. So one of the audios that i filmed is talking about the multistruder and the future of the multistruder. that should be hitting youtube soon. so check that out by heading to the main page of my website and go to external links tab.
  5. Update: 1/23/18

    Got everything working. in code and physically have been putting everything together in code. I have a few more things to bring into code. Hopefully this weekend i can add the modules to a pre build multistruder downstairs. The priority is the spooler and the dimensional control. The RPM sensor is last. I start school again tomorrow. I will only be taking 6-9 credits this semester. so only part time to almost full time.
  6. Update: 1/23/18

    Ok so here is the deal I just got confirmation that i got the contract. So the funds i am going to get from that contract will be used t words my home plasma cutter. I am still waiting for kyle at central shop to confirm that he made the cuts on the steel for the first prototype So i will be shopping this weekend for the steel to build the machine out of. I will also be looking at picking up some the electronics. mainly the grbl controller as i already have some nema 17s, that will work fine for this project as well as endstops. (i might not use endstops) Then i will be looking for a plasma or a plasma tig mig combo or something. Maybe i will some day be able to make a kit of it because the whole thing will have to be built
  7. 1/9/2018 Happy New Year: Update

    Ok here is the deal with this project i am running out of options. 1st option is to lose alot of money though paying someone to cut them out 200-320 a piece in that case i would rather just refund. Unless i can find manu for 100 bucks a piece then i will keep making a bunch but obviously increase the price. 2nd option is i have possible upcoming contract job coming up and if i do get that contract i will be building a 2' x 2' plasma machine at my parents place and use that to cut and upgrade it with a percentage of profits. 3rd option. try to get the parts that i already cut to work. which it would look sloppy Kyle at central shop at san jose state is going to be cutting out a prototype for use on a school club project that i am the president of. He already cut out a few prototype blades and spacers out of 1055 using the sweet waterjet. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. interior taper is like 1 thou (.001"). and finish is pretty much perfect. So i am excited to assemble it and get it by the end of this week if my advisor approves it on time. That would be the final proff of concept so super excited i really hope this works out and don't have to refund so i can become a big manufacture in this space. My favorite option is 2nd option to build the plasma machine. However if i find a manufacture that can do it for 100 bucks i will do so to get it done quickly. I do however think i am going to get this contract so i am pretty excited to have my own machine. I will keep you guys up to date. as kyle finishes prototype and if i get the contract.
  8. Welcome to the new year my vacationing with family is now over and i am back to development mode I have not got re situated back into the garage i have also started to store stuff in the new shed that my family and i build for motorycles cleaning up room to use that for more development added some more stuff to the rpm gauge code going to try to have a new stable feature added each week So this week hoping to finish off the rpm metering code and finish the servo code going back to school on the 22nd so hoping to work on putting it together next week this next semester i plan on being on part time also this project is going to be a school project this semester and i hope to assemble a larger team to work on it
  9. Update: 12/20/17

    As of yesterday i am now off of school for the winter. Till like mid January Finalized the 3D Models Now need to work on the software. Put together a beta. assemble prototype.then assembly Going to be putting together a workshop in my garage since i lost my shop at tech shop. Also going to be getting a metal router that i might be able to use for this project as well
  10. Update: 12/20/17

    Now currently finished with school yesterday. Off till mid to end January. Looking into picking up a kit for a router to run at home. Also setting up workshop at home in my garage. So i am going to need linear rails, grbl kit with nema 17/23, 2 HP low runnout air/water cooled spindle with vfd. Otherwise tech shop is now under new management and they are wanting to re open shops but that is not a fur sure thing and don't know when this will happen. also the current techshop business model is dead because it just didn't work. So i dont know if the new model will be viable for me I would like to start operating out of the house because i have other stuff i need to get done around the house while the router is cutting out parts. Working on getting the broach made but my adviser for my club is not responding anymore so might need to get a new adviser. he has to clear anything that gets made at school.
  11. Update: 11/30/17

    Finally situated back at home Had some interesting doors open for me this week Today i am dropping off some material to "central shop" here at sjsu to have them try to cut a shredder dial on their brand new multiaxis (tilt) water jet i am going to inspect the shredder dial that is cut and check the taper and tolerance on it if it is good i am going to have them cut out an entire shredder. However this "help" from central shop is kind of under the guise of a school project for my club for a competition. I made this project as a club project to get more help with it's development So i am not sure that if the cut is good if i will be able to get them to do like a 8 shredder production run. However i might be able to have them make a push broach to file the old plasma cut ones at school on their arbor press. I will begin adding one for them to make. i will post some pictures of the output of the waterjet and i will also talk to the main guy at central shop and see whats going on. This week i also checked out a new location to possibly host a plasma cutter that i designed and might build. But that location might not work out.
  12. Update: 11/30/17

    Been working from home Got my printer to work again and it is doing some perfect prints Unfortunately it prints really slow (40mm/s) So far i have finalized the drive cone it slips on motor perfectly This week i hope on finalizing the servo rack and pinon Then i start working on software then assembly I did check out a few locations to move the shop to but nothing has panned out yet. All i need to finish this project i currently have available to me. Other projects not so much.
  13. Major Update: TechShop Went Bankrupt

    Looking at new location on monday which should have some equipment to help me with shredder. I am missing the front and back plate only as i need to decide what bearings i am going to be using. But all others are cut and ready to go for finishing. i am thinking that i am probably just going to buy a broach for speed of making.
  14. Major Update: TechShop Went Bankrupt

    Techshop went bankrupt yesterday and all locations are now permanently closed Thus i have lost my office location for storage close to my machines Also my access to heavy duty tools is now lost Now i have next to 0 tools available to me That put a major strain on this project. As the only way i was able to economically fabricate the shredder was on techshops redwood city plasma cnc which is now have no access So i am not sure if i will be able to complete the project. i have maybe 4-5 shredders cut however one of the integral pieces were not cut due to needing to be finalized. so i can try to source getting those last few parts cut then my only option to get the project done quickly is to source a cheap place to cut the parts and just take the loss or build my own machine but building my own machine would take forever I will keep you guys posted on the finishing of the parts for my machines. http://www.techshop.ws/techshop.pdf above link has pdf talking about closure.
  15. Techshop went bankrupt yesterday and all locations are now permanently closed Thus i have lost my office location for storage close to my machines Also my access to heavy duty tools is now lost This should not effect this project as much because all i mainly need is a hand drill and a 3d printer to finish this project However my printer has stop working so i need to get it started again more to come on normal update day next week Sunday. http://www.techshop.ws/techshop.pdf above link has pdf talking about closure.