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  1. Steven Mosbrucker


    Were we are currently. 1 of the preorders wants to pay the difference for a external company to cut the shredder. then for me to assemble it and ship it. so i am going to offet it to you guys asweel. currently looking at $420. so subtract whatever you alread paid and that would be what you would pay to get it within the next few weeks. i will be doing a video of me running the machine soon. also a video of his shredder before i send it out. check out his update video to my youtube.
  2. I am now posting major 11 minute updates on youtube now. please go there to find updates. here is a example check out bellow. a lot more coming soon which is the winder.
  3. Steven Mosbrucker

    Latest ETA ?

    sent you a email. comes out to around 370 to have someone else cut it.
  4. Steven Mosbrucker

    Latest ETA ?

    Ok i will send out a email to this waterjet service i talked to and i will see how much it is going to run me. or i will even check out this online service thing i found. let me look into it.
  5. Steven Mosbrucker

    Latest ETA ?

    I put together the protytpe a few days ago. The prototype works and everything works i just dont have a machine to cut it that i have access to. paying to have it cut would cost 250 bucks a shredder. the new tech shop that i am going to have access to is supposed to have a fiber laser that can cut the steel. but they are 3 months behind schedule of opening. they were supposed to open in may. I am sort of stuck. either the shop opens to cut it or i have to build my own diy water jet. i am going to be posting a youtube video of the prototype and the status of what is going on. i will post a picture down below of the prototype.
  6. Steven Mosbrucker

    Update: 5/22/18 SUMMER!!!

    Today i finished my last final. This marks the first day of summer. Plans for summer. Finish the Mulistruder kickstarter Finish ECOBase design and start kickstarter and start manufacturing. Start production on the Reclaimer shredder Do design for FilaFactory version 2 of filament maker Other things happen in summer TheShop.Build is supposed to open in June 1st Buy a laser cutter for home Possible Summer Class Probably not working much. Start teaching at TheShop.Build
  7. Steven Mosbrucker

    Latest ETA ?

    Ok so this is the inside scoop on the situation which is changing very rapidly. SF was my originally going to be my go to for cutting out the shredders. However something else has come up. San Jose is going full steam ahead. Supposibly the new 58,000 SF shop is going operational "Early May" In this new shop to manufacture the shredder we have 3 options, cnc plasma cutter, waterjet, and the newest best option a Fiber Laser that can cut up to 1/2" steel. Fiber Laser is how Dave Hakkens manufactures his shredders and other people on his form and in his buisness Precious plastic It is the precision of water jet but the cost of operation of a cnc plamsa. In the mean time i am getting ready to have the shredder prototype ready for maker faire. Today at the school shop i am going to be pressing the 4 bearings into the housing. Then having central shop water jet cut the rest of the parts needed to build a final assembly. then i am going to get into contact with the new GM of TheShop.Build san jose to figure out if indeed what i heard at the open house of san jose facility is correct and the fiber laser has the correct wattage and wavelength to cut atleast 1/4" steel. If that is the case manufacturing is to begin in summer.
  8. Steven Mosbrucker

    Update: 4/17/18

  9. Steven Mosbrucker

    Update: 4/17/18

    I am going to be posting some updates on my youtube. here is my update video
  10. Steven Mosbrucker

    Update: 3/7/2018

    work at school and the machine shop has been kicking my ass. I am dropping hours at work to give me more time twords my green engineers projects mainly this project. So these past 2 weeks i have been dealing with midterms but now i am in the clear for a month. i have got 90% of the spooler module printed (in various colors). Which includes the winder. drive and driven cones, and just printed the bar to attach the pulley. The last parts to go onto the spooler module are the pulley and the adapter to be able to mount and adjust when installing on the stand of the multistruder I will now be coming up with daily plans for the weekend on what is to be accomplished each day. I will write down on my day white board the next 3 weekends and extra 1 day of what will be accomplished each day. An idea of that is i need to finish the spooler. Then start working on the dimensional control module (first finding where my prototype is). Then assembling. then working on beta of code then final installment of the code Maker faire Individual assembly testing and ship repeat i will post this shcedule bellow and also the pictures of the machine and its parts that are on my desk. Check pictures bellow.
  11. Steven Mosbrucker

    Update: 3/7/2018

    Dropping off steel today at my classroom shop for building plasma. I got the arduino uno powered grbl controller 4 axis x,y,z,a. with 2.5 amp stepper drivers. Going to be talking to my boss at the machine shop tommarow about machining the shredder on the Excel 10T-24. I will attach a picture bellow He does want me to start doing some setup work which currently i am only running production. So when i get more comfortable with the setup it should be pretty easy to run the shredder especially with a tool changer. Current idea for "recipe" for shredder on 10T-24: Fasten plate (2'x2') to sacrificial board using industrial strength double back tape. Use 1/4" roughing endmill to route out the profile of the blades and pocket out the center square. Pocket out inner square with 1/4" roughing endmill Leave about .020" - .025" (onion skin) for "low force" last pass on profile. Finish the "low force" pass to remove profile from rest of plate. Tool Chaned andCome back with a 1/8" end mill for finishing and get rid of extreme radius from 1/4" Add 2nd fixture with the plate (2'x2') already attached. Run This plate with steps 1-3 While next set is being made run remove plate and add new plate and tape to first fixture plate. Repeat. Estimated runtime on the 10T-24 is about 1:15-1:30 Working on the last few dials to be filed in order to assemble the shredder. Been busy with midterms and work. Then work on trying to heat treat the extra dials and note distortion. Photos Bellow.
  12. Steven Mosbrucker

    Latest ETA ?

    I just started working at a machine shop to learn more about cnc. He has a old mill that he is no longer using. It would be perfect to start machining out the shredder. It is a old production grade cnc machine. 15hp spindle 10k rpm 24 piece tool changer and 40"x20" bed. so i am going to be designing a fixture this weekend to do the shredder. The fixture is so i can run one after another. In the mean time while i am using that machine i am going to be designing a cnc plasma machine to be using at home. It is way faster and is more suited for this kind of work. But it will take a while to get it calibrated. While the mill will turn out perfect parts every time. I will see when he has time to show me more on how to use that machine it will probably be a Saturday.
  13. Steven Mosbrucker

    Working at Machine Shop!

    Started working at a machine shop the 12th 4 Full Enclosure Mills 3 VMC and 1 HMC 1 Bridgeport Manual Mill Band Saw Vertical And Horizontal Various other tools So i am going to be running parts for him and learning more about CNC machining and eventually MAYBE use one of the mills that he does not use any more for the green engineers projects and still building my plasma. and possibly buying other cnc machines.
  14. Steven Mosbrucker

    MAJOR Update 2/15/18

    I got a part time job at a machine shop At this machine shop i am the only machine operator besides the owner. The owner is also very open about when i learn more about the particular machine This particular machine that i would use which is one that he doesn't use any more. is 40" x 20" x 20" which can do about 2 shredders at once. with 10k rpm spindle rated at 15 hp with 24 peice tool changer. Also he can consult me on the job as he has been maching for about 32 years. He does not have any 2D cutting machines such as a laser/water jet so all would have to be done on a mill. Also i filmed a video talking about the prototype that Kyle at central shop at SJSU. that will hit my youtube channel soon check out external links on my main page of website. i hope to start to order some precut material to just slap on that machine and power through it i will shoot some video and let you guys know when i start cutting. thanks again for your patience.
  15. Steven Mosbrucker

    Major Update: 2/15/18

    Finishing up printing the remaining parts and assembling in the new office Bought leveling platform for Trinus Finally feeling like i am situated back home Bought 2 new spools of filament to finish the parts I am now working part time at a machine shop so i have access to tools again. Tools way better than those at tech shop. Going to try to buy another printer to have at the my part time job at shop so i can print parts aswell. So i can also make use of my time at the shop as i am going to be spending about 30 hours a week here. Also situated back at school so going to start hitting the groove with the parts. Really excited to get these parts finished and sent out as well as being unveiled at this years maker fair in San Mateo Major Update: also i have been filming some footage and audio for my youtube channel to keep you guys informed in a audio format as it is way quicker than this typed format. So one of the audios that i filmed is talking about the multistruder and the future of the multistruder. that should be hitting youtube soon. so check that out by heading to the main page of my website and go to external links tab.