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  1. Update: 11/30/17

    Finally situated back at home Had some interesting doors open for me this week Today i am dropping off some material to "central shop" here at sjsu to have them try to cut a shredder dial on their brand new multiaxis (tilt) water jet i am going to inspect the shredder dial that is cut and check the taper and tolerance on it if it is good i am going to have them cut out an entire shredder. However this "help" from central shop is kind of under the guise of a school project for my club for a competition. I made this project as a club project to get more help with it's development So i am not sure that if the cut is good if i will be able to get them to do like a 8 shredder production run. However i might be able to have them make a push broach to file the old plasma cut ones at school on their arbor press. I will begin adding one for them to make. i will post some pictures of the output of the waterjet and i will also talk to the main guy at central shop and see whats going on. This week i also checked out a new location to possibly host a plasma cutter that i designed and might build. But that location might not work out.
  2. Update: 11/30/17

    Been working from home Got my printer to work again and it is doing some perfect prints Unfortunately it prints really slow (40mm/s) So far i have finalized the drive cone it slips on motor perfectly This week i hope on finalizing the servo rack and pinon Then i start working on software then assembly I did check out a few locations to move the shop to but nothing has panned out yet. All i need to finish this project i currently have available to me. Other projects not so much.
  3. Major Update: TechShop Went Bankrupt

    Looking at new location on monday which should have some equipment to help me with shredder. I am missing the front and back plate only as i need to decide what bearings i am going to be using. But all others are cut and ready to go for finishing. i am thinking that i am probably just going to buy a broach for speed of making.
  4. Major Update: TechShop Went Bankrupt

    Techshop went bankrupt yesterday and all locations are now permanently closed Thus i have lost my office location for storage close to my machines Also my access to heavy duty tools is now lost Now i have next to 0 tools available to me That put a major strain on this project. As the only way i was able to economically fabricate the shredder was on techshops redwood city plasma cnc which is now have no access So i am not sure if i will be able to complete the project. i have maybe 4-5 shredders cut however one of the integral pieces were not cut due to needing to be finalized. so i can try to source getting those last few parts cut then my only option to get the project done quickly is to source a cheap place to cut the parts and just take the loss or build my own machine but building my own machine would take forever I will keep you guys posted on the finishing of the parts for my machines. http://www.techshop.ws/techshop.pdf above link has pdf talking about closure.
  5. Techshop went bankrupt yesterday and all locations are now permanently closed Thus i have lost my office location for storage close to my machines Also my access to heavy duty tools is now lost This should not effect this project as much because all i mainly need is a hand drill and a 3d printer to finish this project However my printer has stop working so i need to get it started again more to come on normal update day next week Sunday. http://www.techshop.ws/techshop.pdf above link has pdf talking about closure.
  6. Tech Shop: Bankrupt

    Techshop went bankrupt 6:00AM yesterday 11/15/17 Because of this i no longer have a shop to build things. and my office for storage at the shop is gone I now have everything in boxes looking for another opertunity Delays on projects to be expected. Link to TechShop Website Note About Closure In PDF Form
  7. Update: 11/13/17

    Still cutting on the plasma. The only piece that remains of the 8' x 4' x 1/4" sheet of 1055 is one 2' x 2' square (1 shredder) i have cut more this weekend on the plasma This week i am going to be training my helper to be able to go through which parts meet tolerance and which parts don't Then he will be filing the insides of the shredder dials flat so that the drive shaft mates to it correctly Then i finish the parts on any tools that he does not have Then this weekend i am going to cut the last 2' x 2' square out and get on the phone to order another 4' x 8' plate. In the mean time i am going to be going through all the parts that i have at the shop from the mill and 60 amp cuts on the plasma We will go from there to put together the shredder. At this point we are in production As i cut more i will be calibrating the plasma further and further. So today i am going to be dropping off my cut pieces with my helper and start training him and getting him any tools that he needs. Hopefully pictures of a competed shredder to come next update. And maybe even a update that they are being tested and being prepared to be shipped.
  8. Update: 11/13/17

    A lot of progress this week The assignment for using a portion of this project for class has been approved. Hall effect sensor for speed is project for class using parts from my project I have found a printer at tech shop to use now that does great prints pretty quickly (afinia h600/up) Bellow is what i got done this week: Finalized drive cone and how it attaches to the motor and spins spool Got cork sheet to increase friction between the spool and the drive cone Printed prototypes of pulley, pulley bracket, pulley bar, servo rack and pinion and mounting bracket for servo finalized the pulley, pulley bracket and the pulley bar. Rough assembly of the servo rack and pinion and bracket finished. just needs a few tweaks. got motor attached to dimensional control bracket. Also got to check the hall effect sensors and the permanent magnets to electronically work with each other. So now just need to add the logic behind it. Also i purposed this project to be put into a competition so i can show ti off and also get some teammates to work on ti with me to speed it up. Winter vacation to start here soon. 5 weeks or so. so after family vacation back to full time to hopefully have everything finalized by the end of the year and to start assembly.
  9. Update: 10/28/17

    Finished Assembling the Dimensional Control Module It still need a few tweaks but that will happen slowly over the next few weeks Tomorrow i am going to submit a proposal to have the designing of code and getting the sensors working be a project for a class Hopefully that clears so i can spend a class lab time working on the sensors and outside of class work on the mounting if that goes though then i will have a extra day 5+ hours added to my development dedicated directly to getting sensors and code working. tomorrow i get the parts to start working on the spooler module and finding and buying the hardware and materials for that.
  10. Update: 10/28/17

    At this point now i am coming up to production speed Currently i am at a speed of a shredder a week Using the mill full production speed should be 2 shredders a week parts are coming out pretty good i should have one assembled here pretty soon as i have most of the parts cut i received another set of 1045 square shafts for driveshafts and i am going to finalize the design of the front and back plate then order the bearings so i can assemble first production prototype.
  11. Update: 10/15/17

    Going to try to make updates weekly again. Printed a new version of the dimensional control bracket bought parts to put together the bracket and all pieces to mount the rollers and the strain gauge. Then put bracket together wrote down changes that were used to make amendments to dimensional control bracket So as far as my list we are at 4/12 steps.
  12. Update: 10/14/2017

    This week i was finally able to get my feeds and speeds right to finally cut an entire sheet efficiently. This next week will be considered the first week of production for all the parts of the shredder. The feeds and speeds will be tuned further for the machine i am using to finish the full sheet without stopping (efficiency improvement) Hopefully the efficiency gets to a point that an entire shredders parts can be finished in a day (4 hours reservation on machine). Next week i will order more 3/4 inch drive shafts. I forgot to snap photos before i left the shop today so i will do so tomorrow. machining to begin again monday.
  13. Update: 10/2/2017

    I have made a list of the things that are left to do. and i have been getting things done in order. image will be posted bellow. I shiped out 1 unit for a backer that wanted his unit early before the modules to play with I reinforced the hell out of the box to ensure that it was going to make it to Germany in one piece. We will see how it fairs. 3 out of the 10 things have been checked off from the list and i now have dedicated days per week to the project now. as i have money coming in from contract work else were. What you will see from number 1 and 2 from the table is that i finished a way of mounting both the expansion modules to the frame and fixed the mounting bracket onto the modules. Then yesterday i got most of the supplies to assemble the modules. these early steps are the easiest and as they go down the list the time required gets more.
  14. Update: 9/22/2017

    Massive Update Yesterday i cut out a few shredder dials on the mill As you will see bellow they are perfect. I will be cutting more this coming week and hopefully have enough pieces by friday to make a whole shredder. The pieces are being cut on a tormach. the precision is great. parts are around .0025 in off. (that is about a hair strand) I will post alot of pictures bellow make sure to check them out.
  15. Update: 9/7/2017

    This week I tapped all the couplers mounted all motors to their corresponding brackets with thrust bearings and couplers installed filled down the hard edges of the auger so they are now ready to install. Continued to work on the primary testing machine. more work to come. I am sick this week.