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    it depends if this punch works correctly or not and how many punches the punch can do before dulling.
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    Ok i will send out a email to this waterjet service i talked to and i will see how much it is going to run me. or i will even check out this online service thing i found. let me look into it.
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    went to cut some more wens day and the cam software running the cutter is ignoring the inner squares on the spacers so need to figure out why it is doing that. but going to be cutting again this weekend.
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    Got some cutting in this week Got the calibration of the fusion 360 done to get the center square perfect going to finish up an entire shredder this coming weekend i am still shopping for bearing setup and a drive shaft supplier full product coming very soon Check bellow for a lot of pictures.
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    Finished school monday. Back on full time Went to redwood city techshop again and cut the gears. The gears were the first cuts using fusion 360 cam aka hsm works they had a weird twist in the gear i found out that that was because the arc in the plasma actually bends twords where the ground is and the twist was twords the ground clamp. the cam gcode was not plug and play. i had to modify it to work on torchmate. So i am going to go into more detail on what torchmate didn't like and make sure that that gcode is not outputted. However. fusion 360 still does not have nesting capabilities So i will try to use vcarve pro to do the gcode as it has nesting capabilities. I also had the chance to do varying speed lines on the plasma I did this to check to see ideal speeds to minimize dross which minimizes post cleanup. i started with 19 lines each with dropping speeds of 5 ipm with each line i found that 7 (70 - 40 ipm) of those lines had the least dross. i then put those into a array of 7 lines spread apart and cut them again to better see the dross more clearly and picked the best one i believe 65 ipm i plan on going back to tech shop redwood city tomorrow to cut out a full shredder to gauge the post cleanup. And also time the post cleanup i will be trying to use vcarve pro to do the nesting for the 4x12 plates of a36 to do an entire shredder. I will then try to assemble and see how it goes. However, i will be going on vacation with my family on Friday for 2 weeks. so i will only be working on the gcode from there. so if the a36 goes well i will pick up the 1045 plate from supplier and start cutting. I will also try to get the hardening option up on my store if anyone is interested in that. check below for more pictures.
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    Cut some test pieces this weekend at tech shop redwood city They came out pretty good. except a few problems that will need to be adjusted I now need to come up with a better way of knocking off the dross/slag The software that generates the gcode at redwood city's torchmate is ancient and garbage I will need to figure out how to leverage fusion to get better cuts. and use vcarve pro 8.5 to do nesting into whatever size of plate i have next i will be working on modifying the fusion files to adapt what i learned from the test cuts next weekend i plan on cutting out an entire shredder in A36 for first steel prototype. check out bellow for all the pictures that i have taken from the cutting process. going to take some more close up shots of the parts i will add those when i take them
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    CNC Plasma Cutter Redwood City appointment coming up soon About time to purchase the plate of 1045 steel I machined the jig for the A36 for cutting out of the tormach It was machined out of HDPE Starboard. It is a jig to mount 2 4" x 12" x 1/4" A36 Plate to be cut and held down in the tormach. so when i swap in the next pair of A36 plate in i dont have to rehome the tormach plate purchase coming up. Bearings as well, as well as drive square bar. Stay tuned First cuts coming very soon. Check out pictures below.
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    I just priced it out and i was originally going to be doing a A36 prototype but i found that it is not much cheaper than 1045 Steel. So i will buy a 4' x10' sheet for the water jet at tech shop to cut to the 9"x18" sheet sizes to mill out. i also found out that my machine time has increased from the projected 2.5 hours to 5.5 hours. also tech shop is in process of moving to new location and they already moved the water jet (their biggest machine) about a month ago and has since been off limits until the move and the building is to code for people "customers" to be in it. the move starts in march 2nd and techshop will be down for 10 days until move is complete. then i will have access to the water jet and the tormach again and then i will begin machining them out. also china is back off their chinese new year so i will be ordering the bearings from there soon. Originally i was going to take some 4" x 12" smaller plates of A36 that i have in my garage and weld them together to make a 9" x 18" sheet and grind the welds down for prototype. but i dont think that will yield a very good steel prototype. so i was going to go to 1045 sheets ordered to size however the price was outrageous as i could get a 4' x 10' sheet for what it would cost me for 5 9" x 18" sheets. I will post a update with this information on my dev blog for the shredder so continue to monitor the blog. the blog can be found here: