From the blog "The Reclaimer Dev Blog"

I have taken all the preq steps to get me to the place when i am ready to machine a prototype I have sat in on the classes i need for the Tormach at tech shop and my current (temporary) cam software VCarvePro 8.5 I currently have the prototype shredder nested out in VCarvePro 8.5. ready for 2D routing cam i need to call up my supplier to get some A36 in a 10.5" x 19" x 1/4" plates. and maybe my first 1045 steel 10.5" x 19" x 1/4" plate for first shredder I found out that i will need 3.5 plates of 9.5" x 18" x 1/4" plates per shredder and my estimated time is to be about 130 minutes minimum for machining not including changing plates Because i will find extra expenses in the manufacturing after i manufacture my first prototype i will realize some of these extra expenses and i will increase sale price to reflect that Also when i begin manufacturing the 3 shredders i will also discover the manufacturing the final production of machining and those expenses will also reflect that. So if you have not yet purchased a shredder yet now is the time to do it as this will be the cheapest you will ever find it. after these other 2 points price will increase in according to increase in costs and plugging it into a equation i made so increase cost will not be known tell it is calculated. stay tuned as next update will probably be pictures from the prototype machining process.