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Does Moisture Effects 3D Printing: Conclusion

Steven Mosbrucker


For the final test of moisture's effect on 3d printed surface finish. i will be testing a varying amount of moisture content PLA to get an array of filament quality to compare


  • cut 5 coils of Octave PLA at around 25 feet ~20 grams each
  • water log all 5 coils for 1 week in water
  • Print the 5 coils in this order
  1. 1st waterlogged coil
  2. 1 hour dried coil
  3. 2 hour dried coil
  4. 3 hour dried coil
  5. 4 hour dried coil
  6. room environment off spool

Hopefully this final experiment gives us the final answer we have been looking for.

waterlogged filament will be starting today and will be ready fri(16)-sun(18)


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