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38th Week: 9/6/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Finally got some new filament in. So i have begun printing bottom plates and top covers.
  • also just found out that one of my suppliers sent me different tft touch screens that require slight modifications in the software when i told them to give me the same ones. so i have to wait for those to come in.
  • i have also built the units for people outside the kickstarter and i will be painting them this weekend.
  • One of my early bird backers has sent me there broken electronics and that seems to speed things up. i will see how that goes and if that is quite a bit better option to just send in the broken parts.
  • first week of school has been pretty chaotic adding classes and all i should be getting back in the grove this weekend.
  • focus is going to be fixing broken units and building international units


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