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Range of Moisture that PLA Holds

Steven Mosbrucker


My first video is going to be about PLA moisture and how much there is. I know that it is a big issue for filament extrusion but also what is it's effects on 3d printing.

  • For the experiment i will be looking for a range of moisture that will be found in different situations of PLA filament that will be found in the wild
  • Each filament sample will be about 14 - 16 grams in weight which is about 24-26 feet all 1.75mm PLA filament
  • 1st sample brand new unopened sealed filament being opened then checked for moisture. This filament is natureworks 4043D from protopasta. 
  • 2nd sample is filament that is never sealed and just open to a house environment for its lifetime after being unsealed from the manufacture. This filament is Octave
  • 3rd sample is filament that has been put into a pitcher of water. (waterlogged filament). This filament is to test how much water PLA will actually hold. (worst case). this filament is octave
  • All of this filament samples should give us a full range for filament that is not purposely being dried.

Things Needed:

  • Analytical scale that has .001g resolution
  • pitcher of water
  • about 75 feet of PLA filament
  • oven capable of 175F or 80C


  1. Weigh filament and record
  2. Put filament in oven at 175F (80C) for 3-4 hours (natureworks 4043D resin drying process)
  3. Weigh filament and record 
  4. Take after weight and divide it by the before weight. Take that answer and subtract it from 1 that is your percent.

Filament has already been added to the water pitcher and i will leave it in for 1 week. my experiment will be performed then. and video/write up posted shortly after.

water filament is 14 grams in weight.




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