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Welcome to my Research Blog

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Welcome to the research blog. In my research i will be posting videos/blogs/write ups on things that i research in green technology which is reduce, reuse and recycle technology/science.
  • For right now it is going to be centered around 3D printing and its materials.
  • you can keep up to date here by following the blog and checking out the videos i post on youtube here Youtube.
  • if find my research of value and would like to add to my research funding or maybe get your hands on some of my prototypes/kickstarter projects that i develop check out my Patreon here Patreon
  • currently i will have about 1 or 2 videos a month and as funding increases i will increase my videos stay tuned.
  • i will also have a permanent page for my write ups on my site aswell i will set that up soon.

Thanks for checking out my research blog and make sure to auto follow the blog and subscribe to my youtube channel and pledge on Patreon i will catch u guys later.


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