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34th Week: 8/9/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • On to Electronics. Everything else is finished. So just electronics testing then shipping.
  • Ordered my new packaging materials. Corn Starch packing peanuts. i have ordered 12 cubic feet.  so that should be my main packing material along with wall plastics which are still cutting mats and i am trying to price pla sheets but that is not fleshing out.
  • still on time that one person that has not responded to the survey for second batch please respond asap. thanks
  • printing will begin for the people whose electronics broke. and now i have packing material for it with peanuts. you will also get the new version of the cover and the fan shroud. if anything else broke in addition to the electronics and plastic that i dont know about please let me know.
  • i am still on time for shipping everything out by end of next week and mabye some at the end of this week.
  • for people that ordered units after kickstarter your units will be painted after shipment of batch 2 finishes.
  • international i will begin working on the expansions and building your units asap.


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