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33rd Week: 8/2/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • about 90% done with the welding
  • still about 80% done with printing as the techshop makerbot is having some issues need to find the funds to fund a large enough format printer of my own
  • 90% done with the drilling
  • painting is going to start this week
  • i will have to probably make a order of temp sensors, power supplies and a few other things that i need.
  • i will be printing the covers and plates for new electronics packages for the people whose electronics broke after the 7th unit in second then i will be printing the outside orders which there is like 3-4
  • still on time for 80% of units out by 2 weeks from now for second batch. 

IMPORTANT: i notice that one of my 2nd batch backers hasn't responded to the survey please respond. thanks.


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