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32nd Week: 7/26/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Welding has started.
  • 80% of drilling has been finished
  • and 100% of steel cutting has finished
  • 70% of 3d printing has finished
  • this week printing of the electronics mounting plate has finished and i will start printing the modified covers 
  • this week i also plan to start painting
  • i will be doing something different this batch. i will start shipping out the units as i finish making them. When they are finished and ready to go i will ship them out. that way hopefully if any more issues arise with usps i can spot those issues and mitigate them before i ship any other units.
  • people that purchased a unit after the kickstarter your units will be painted after the kickstarters backers units go out. sound be around 1-2 weeks after kicksarter backers units ship
  • people that got damage units in last batch i will most likely be preparing a new electronics kit and plastics for you guys to bolt onto your unit if anything else is missing please let me know.
  • Also if you are looking for arduino uno clones i have them up on my ebay check them out here 11$ for 2 free shipping

estimated shipping date of batch 2 is 2 weeks from now


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