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31st Week: 7/19/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Finished cutting all steel needed. For next batch.
  • drilled all necessary holes on 1/8 inch main plate
  • released version of 1.1 of the MOS (Multistruder Operating System). check out details on my multistruder dev blog. new version is posted on my github.
  • started writing the plans to make a multistruder yourself. you can check it out at link bellow.
  • started posting to multistruder dev blog again and i am going to talk about when anything else is added to the multistruder there. check it out.
  • stated a github to hold all my software (for now) as well as the 3d printed parts stl
  • posted the survey for the second batch backers. 5 of 7 have responded please march backers check your survey and get that in asap.
  • people that ordered units for domestic shipping will get there unit after i ship out this next batch of 7. they will be made at the same time just packed and shipped after i insure that all the domestic backers are shipped out.
  • i have still not heard back from anyone that had a broken unit please get back to me so we can move forward to repairing your unit.
  • I am talking to usps about insurance. whether or not that goes through i want to send you the parts that are broken. please watch the electronic and assembly video and tell me what you are missing and what is broken. 
  • just shipped out mikes unit. so now all 13 from the first batch are shipped out. In mikes i put alot of padding in we will see how it fairs in shipping and adjust the packaging accordingly on future shipments.
  • again i will be delayed by printing of the large plastics. eta on finishing all metal work end of july. and shipping out early august. website units will be shipped out early to mid august.


  • Packaging that i am experimenting with
  • is the "spring pad" biodegradable/Compostable cardboard pad. you can see bellow.
  • also the honey comb shaped "bubble wrap" replacement also biodegradable/compostable honey comb recycled paper.
  • biodegradable/compostable and renewable packing tape.
  • all from ecoenclose.
  • i am also experimenting with lining the sides of the box with "cutting mats" cut to size in order to keep the sharp steel from going though the side of the box.
















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