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30th Week: 7/12/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • started a github to host all of the files for the MOS system and 3d printed files. I am currently updating all of the files and new versions will be coming every week. check it out here
  • fixed my kossel at home so i will be printing at home aswell. i have started printing the new versions of the fan duct to send out to the people whose broke and for new backers.
  • i am going to try to start assembling the units at home. as i mainly weld at home and i do have all the equipment needed so it will just be easier.
  • i have bought some bubble rap (a little late i know) however it is super thin it will take at least 6-10 sheets per unit to pack the boxes. so i am going to start looking into a packing material from eco enclose. which looks like a cardboard bubble rap replacement and it comes in 1/4, 1/2, (and i guess 3/4 and 1 inch) thick. it looks very promising because of how padded it looks. It is also all 100% recycled and compostable material. i have a sample piece coming in tomorrow as well as some plant based tape. aswell as some boxes
  • as mentioned in past point i have purchased some boxes to sell the arduino unos, mechanical relays, and max31855 3.3v version op amps that i am not going to use. i am going to post them on ebay and amazon if you guys are looking for some arduino unos and other electronics i might put them on my store for a killer deal let me know.


  • On another note for those that have issues with parts being broken i reached out to those that have reported issues (if I have not please let me know) please get back to me about what is exactly broken asap and i will work twords replacing all that is broken. also for other people that have gotten units that were not critically damage have you guys put them together? do you need any other information to put them together other than on my youtube which you can find here . please keep me in the loop of anything else you need while i push forward in making the next set of orders, keep developing the extruder, and develop the expansion modules. 
  • i will try to get a new version of the MOS system every week (probably released on weekend on github). However i need to get mikes machine out and i will have to build the rest of a unfinished machine i have sitting in the garage. so be looking out for more stable versions of the MOS coming out weekly to improve the quality of MOS extrusion and user experience. Thanks again for backers for your patience and i am again sorry for the broken machines.
  • mike i will be contacting you shortly.

check out pictures bellow. and i will post that packing material that i get tomorrow.

















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