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29th Week: 7/5/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • First batch has been shipped out the only one needing to be shipped is mikes.
  • There have been reports of critical damage to 3 out of 12 units. People that have critical damage to there unit I will be getting to you shortly to replace what is broken.
  • There are also some people that have reported some chipping of the paint. please let me know the severity of the issue and I will see what I can to fix it. However everyone please be very careful with the paint as it scratches easily. eventually I want the units to be powder coated with pla colored in the Multistruder.
  • I will be back home Thursday to continue work on the project. I'm going to start working on the next batch and working on reinforcing the flat rate shipping box. and finding suitable padding that will keep the contents as safe as possible from the stuff moving around the inside and protecting the box from the outside.
  • While on vacation in Oregon I had the opportunity to meet up with some of the great guys at proto plant in Vancouver Washington. The makers of the Proto-Pasta brand. We spent some time shooting the shit talking about filament making and diy filament extruders.
  • I brought back some important wisdom from the meeting. the number 1 thing being to DRY YOUR STOCK BEFORE EXTRUDING. I had a issue of the filament that was made being very brittle and not able to flex without breaking. This was because of the high content of moisture of .21% (should be .030%) and this moisture was found in a Ziploc pellet bag that I never even opened. and 2 being that the longer you have the plastic heated before extrusion the more brittle the plastic becomes.
  • They had a similar setup to what I envisioned for the multistruder. except their setup is a lot longer run out to allow the filament to cool before getting to the sizing drums for a 1 1/2 foot per second extrusion rate (90 feet per minute 30 times the extrusion rate of the multistruder). They used drums with force sensor to size the filament and drums to pull the filament to size and spoolers that keep up with the pulling drums.
  • assembly, electrical , and extrusion tips and tricks videos are posted on my youtube channel. The Green Engineers Youtube

bellow you can check out some picture of stuff thought the week













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