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28th Week: 6/28/2016

Steven Mosbrucker


  • i currently have 10 units in boxes waiting for labels. just 3 more units left. box are shceduled for late thursday pickup.
  • All early bird backers check your address to make sure it is up to date.
  • boxes come in at about 16 pounds
  • Going to be making a assembly video aswell as extrusion tips for the standard die (because no one asked for aggressive die) tommarow.
  • i have found that the analog thermocouples are not very exact out of the box so they are going to need to be calibrated. thus next week i plan on making adjustments in the code to allow for the calibration. calibration will probably be handled using ice water.
  • also please subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos thanks.

any pictures will be posted bellow.


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