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Update: 3/7/2018

Steven Mosbrucker


  • work at school and the machine shop has been kicking my ass. I am dropping hours at work to give me more time twords my green engineers projects mainly this project.
  • So these past 2 weeks i have been dealing with midterms but now i am in the clear for a month.
  • i have got 90% of the spooler module printed (in various colors). Which includes the winder. drive and driven cones, and just printed the bar to attach the pulley.
  • The last parts to go onto the spooler module are the pulley and the adapter to be able to mount and adjust when installing on the stand of the multistruder
  • I will now be coming up with daily plans for the weekend on what is to be accomplished each day. I will write down on my day white board the next 3 weekends and extra 1 day of what will be accomplished each day.
  • An idea of that is i need to finish the spooler.
  • Then start working on the dimensional control module (first finding where my prototype is).
  • Then assembling.
  • then working on beta of code
  • then final installment of the code
  • Maker faire
  • Individual assembly testing and ship
  • repeat
  • i will post this shcedule bellow and also the pictures of the machine and its parts that are on my desk.

Check pictures bellow.


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