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Update: 3/7/2018

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Dropping off steel today at my classroom shop for building plasma.
  • I got the arduino uno powered grbl controller 4 axis x,y,z,a. with 2.5 amp stepper drivers.
  • Going to be talking to my boss at the machine shop tommarow about machining the shredder on the Excel 10T-24. I will attach a picture bellow
  • He does want me to start doing some setup work which currently i am only running production. So when i get more comfortable with the setup it should be pretty easy to run the shredder especially with a tool changer.
  • Current idea for "recipe" for shredder on 10T-24:
  1. Fasten plate (2'x2') to sacrificial board using industrial strength double back tape.
  2. Use 1/4" roughing endmill to route out the profile of the blades and pocket out the center square. 
  3. Pocket out inner square with 1/4" roughing endmill
  4. Leave about .020" - .025" (onion skin) for "low force" last pass on profile.
  5. Finish the "low force" pass to remove profile from rest of plate.
  6. Tool Chaned andCome back with a  1/8" end mill for finishing and get rid of extreme radius from 1/4"
  7. Add 2nd fixture with the plate (2'x2') already attached. Run This plate with steps 1-3
  8. While next set is being made run remove plate and add new plate and tape to first fixture plate.
  9. Repeat.

Estimated runtime on the 10T-24 is about 1:15-1:30

  • Working on the last few dials to be filed in order to assemble the shredder. Been busy with midterms and work.
  • Then work on trying to heat treat the extra dials and note distortion.

Photos Bellow.


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