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MAJOR Update 2/15/18

Steven Mosbrucker


  • I got a part time job at a machine shop
  • At this machine shop i am the only machine operator besides the owner.
  • The owner is also very open about when i learn more about the particular machine
  • This particular machine that i would use which is one that he doesn't use any more. is 40" x 20" x 20" which can do about 2 shredders at once. with 10k rpm spindle rated at 15 hp with 24 peice tool changer.
  • Also he can consult me on the job as he has been maching for about 32 years. 
  • He does not have any 2D cutting machines such as a laser/water jet so all would have to be done on a mill.
  • Also i filmed a video talking about the prototype that Kyle at central shop at SJSU. that will hit my youtube channel soon check out external links on my main page of website.
  • i hope to start to order some precut material to just slap on that machine and power through it
  • i will shoot some video and let you guys know when i start cutting. thanks again for your patience.


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