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Major Update: 2/15/18

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Finishing up printing the remaining parts and assembling in the new office
  • Bought leveling platform for Trinus
  • Finally feeling like i am situated back home
  • Bought 2 new spools of filament to finish the parts
  • I am now working part time at a machine shop so i have access to tools again. Tools way better than those at tech shop.
  • Going to try to buy another printer to have at the my part time job at shop so i can print parts aswell. So i can also make use of my time at the shop as i am going to be spending about 30 hours a week here.
  • Also situated back at school so going to start hitting the groove with the parts. 
  • Really excited to get these parts finished and sent out as well as being unveiled at this years maker fair in San Mateo
  • Major Update: also i have been filming some footage and audio for my youtube channel to keep you guys informed in a audio format as it is way quicker than this typed format.
  • So one of the audios that i filmed is talking about the multistruder and the future of the multistruder.
  • that should be hitting youtube soon. so check that out by heading to the main page of my website and go to external links tab.


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