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Update: 1/23/18

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Ok so here is the deal
  • I just got confirmation that i got the contract. So the funds i am going to get from that contract will be used t words my home plasma cutter.
  • I am still waiting for kyle at central shop to confirm that he made the cuts on the steel for the first prototype
  • So i will be shopping this weekend for the steel to build the machine out of.
  • I will also be looking at picking up some the electronics. mainly the grbl controller as i already have some nema 17s, that will work fine for this project as well as endstops. (i might not use endstops)
  • Then i will be looking for a plasma or a plasma tig mig combo or something. Maybe i will some day be able to make a kit of it because the whole thing will have to be built 


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