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1/9/2018 Happy New Year: Update

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Ok here is the deal with this project
  • i am running out of options.
  • 1st option is to lose alot of money though paying someone to cut them out 200-320 a piece in that case i would rather just refund. Unless i can find manu for 100 bucks a piece then i will keep making a bunch but obviously increase the price.
  • 2nd option is i have possible upcoming contract job coming up and if i do get that contract i will be building a 2' x 2' plasma machine at my parents place and use that to cut and upgrade it with a percentage of profits.
  • 3rd option. try to get the parts that i already cut to work. which it would look sloppy
  • Kyle at central shop at san jose state is going to be cutting out a prototype for use on a school club project that i am the president of.
  • He already cut out a few prototype blades and spacers out of 1055 using the sweet waterjet. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. interior taper is like 1 thou (.001"). and finish is pretty much perfect.
  • So i am excited to assemble it and get it by the end of this week if my advisor approves it on time. 
  • That would be the final proff of concept so super excited
  • i really hope this works out and don't have to refund so i can become a big manufacture in this space. My favorite option is 2nd option to build the plasma machine. However if i find a manufacture that can do it for 100 bucks i will do so to get it done quickly. I do however think i am going to get this contract so i am pretty excited to have my own machine. I will keep you guys up to date. as kyle finishes prototype and if i get the contract.


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