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1/8/2018 Happy New Year: Update

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Welcome to the new year
  • my vacationing with family is now over and i am back to development mode
  • I have not got re situated back into the garage
  • i have also started to store stuff in the new shed that my family and i build for motorycles
  • cleaning up room to use that for more development
  • added some more stuff to the rpm gauge code
  • going to try to have a new stable feature added each week
  • So this week hoping to finish off the rpm metering code
  • and finish the servo code
  • going back to school on the 22nd
  • so hoping to work on putting it together next week
  • this next semester i plan on being on part time
  • also this project is going to be a school project this semester and i hope to assemble a larger team to work on it


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