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Update: 12/20/17

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Now currently finished with school yesterday. Off till mid to end January.
  • Looking into picking up a kit for a router to run at home. Also setting up workshop at home in my garage.
  • So i am going to need linear rails, grbl kit with nema 17/23,  2 HP low runnout air/water cooled spindle with vfd.
  • Otherwise tech shop is now under new management and they are wanting to re open shops but that is not a fur sure thing and don't know when this will happen.
  • also the current techshop business model is dead because it just didn't work. So i dont know if the new model will be viable for me
  • I would like to start operating out of the house because i have other stuff i need to get done around the house while the router is cutting out parts.
  • Working on getting the broach made but my adviser for my club is not responding anymore so might need to get a new adviser. he has to clear anything that gets made at school.


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