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Update: 11/13/17

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Still cutting on the plasma.
  • The only piece that remains of the 8' x 4' x 1/4" sheet of 1055 is one 2' x 2' square (1 shredder)
  • i have cut more this weekend on the plasma
  • This week i am going to be training my helper to be able to go through which parts meet tolerance and which parts don't
  • Then he will be filing the insides of the shredder dials flat so that the drive shaft mates to it correctly
  • Then i finish the parts on any tools that he does not have
  • Then this weekend i am going to cut the last 2' x 2' square out and get on the phone to order another 4' x 8' plate.
  • In the mean time i am going to be going through all the parts that i have at the shop from the mill and 60 amp cuts on the plasma
  • We will go from there to put together the shredder.
  • At this point we are in production
  • As i cut more i will be calibrating the plasma further and further.
  • So today i am going to be dropping off my cut pieces with my helper and start training him and getting him any tools that he needs.
  • Hopefully pictures of a competed shredder to come next update. And maybe even a update that they are being tested and being prepared to be shipped.


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