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Update: 11/13/17

Steven Mosbrucker


  • A lot of progress this week
  • The assignment for using a portion of this project for class has been approved. Hall effect sensor for speed is project for class using parts from my project
  • I have found a printer at tech shop to use now that does great prints pretty quickly (afinia h600/up)
  • Bellow is what i got done this week:
  • Finalized drive cone and how it attaches to the motor and spins spool
  • Got cork sheet to increase friction between the spool and the drive cone
  • Printed prototypes of pulley, pulley bracket, pulley bar, servo rack and pinion and mounting bracket for servo
  • finalized the pulley, pulley bracket and the pulley bar.
  • Rough assembly of the servo rack and pinion and bracket finished. just needs a few tweaks.
  • got motor attached to dimensional control bracket. 
  • Also got to check the hall effect sensors and the permanent magnets to electronically work with each other. So now just need to add the logic behind it.
  • Also i purposed this project to be put into a competition so i can show ti off and also get some teammates to work on ti with me to speed it up.
  • Winter vacation to start here soon. 5 weeks or so. so after family vacation back to full time to hopefully have everything finalized by the end of the year and to start assembly.


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