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7/27/2017: Update

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Did some more cuts on the plasma
  • i am struggling to get good cuts on it
  • so i think im going to transition to using the water jet till i get the cutting right on the plasma
  • so my expenses per shredder have just gone up drastically.
  • each shredder should cost around 100$ to cut
  • so once i get a prototype built the price for further units is going to jump drastically.
  • im thinking somewhere along the $200 mark initially
  • however it is going to decrease my time in post processing the steel to clean it up
  • also this week i tried to heat treat the steel in a electric kiln at tech shop redwood city
  • i found some issues with heat monitoring
  • and decarbonization because of an oxygen deprived environment inside the kiln.
  • but i bought some hardness testing files to test the rockwell C of the steel post heat treating and they are on there way from japan.
  • also i will probably start designing my own kill to introduce carbon into the compartment to carbonize and prevent decarbonize.

check bellow for some awesome images. stay tuned for big update by end of week.









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