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Update: 6/21/2017

Steven Mosbrucker


  • I have finally tried the cut on the shopbot with a 3/32 square endmill 3/8 LOC and 1 1/2 overall
  • long story short i picked wrong parameters and broke the endmill in about 5 seconds. within a cut of half a inch.
  • so we have a few options either i can keep trying to figure out the parameters while paying for 15 dollar endmills every mistake.
  • and supposibly even if you get the parameters right these endmills only last for less than 1 shredder each.
  • or i up the endmill size but that would cause larger radius which would mean loss of detail and material. all of these cause alot of problems
  • So i think i have come to the decision to make the cnc plasma my production machine.
  • Then i will just spend the time to get rid of the taper problems. Most of the taper problems are just the inner square for shaft. so maybe a broach or a router bit
  • i sent another inquiry to the steel company for the sheet. setup delivery locally for pickup.
  • However the sheet for delivery is quite a bit more than i originally thought.
  • I will be doing some summer work helping out starting monday so i will be able to get the sheet soon.


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