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Update: 6/10/2017

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Back home from vacation
  • Going to try something new for first shredder.
  • Tech shop is going to allow me to use the 4'x8' shopbot to try to cut with
  • i have a 3/32" 2 flute end mill
  • We are going to see what kind of quality i can get out of the shop bot as calculators say i can do 35.4 ipm so it wont be too bad on time even though first time im going to do a conservative depth of cut per pass
  • i think the quality is going to be quite a bit better than the plasma and also the radius of the corners will also not be that bad as it would be 3/64th radius.
  • endmill coming tomorrow
  • going to be getting steel during week
  • try first shredder this weekend.
  • generating g-code now for shopbot.


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