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5/24/2017 Update

Steven Mosbrucker


  • Finished school monday. Back on full time
  • Went to redwood city techshop again and cut the gears.
  • The gears were the first cuts using fusion 360 cam aka hsm works
  • they had a weird twist in the gear i found out that that was because the arc in the plasma actually bends twords where the ground is and the twist was twords the ground clamp.
  • the cam gcode was not plug and play. i had to modify it to work on torchmate. So i am going to go into more detail on what torchmate didn't like and make sure that that gcode is not outputted.
  • However. fusion 360 still does not have nesting capabilities
  • So i will try to use vcarve pro to do the gcode as it has nesting capabilities.
  • I also had the chance to do varying speed lines on the plasma
  • I did this to check to see ideal speeds to minimize dross which minimizes post cleanup.
  • i started with 19 lines each with dropping speeds of 5 ipm with each line
  • i found that 7 (70 - 40 ipm) of those lines had the least dross.
  • i then put those into a array of 7 lines spread apart and cut them again to better see the dross more clearly and picked the best one i believe 65 ipm
  • i plan on going back to tech shop redwood city tomorrow to cut out a full shredder to gauge the post cleanup. And also time the post cleanup
  • i will be trying to use vcarve pro to do the nesting for the 4x12 plates of a36 to do an entire shredder. I will then try to assemble and see how it goes.
  • However, i will be going on vacation with my family on Friday for 2 weeks. so i will only be working on the gcode from there. so if the a36 goes well i will pick up the 1045 plate from supplier and start cutting.
  • I will also try to get the hardening option up on my store if anyone is interested in that.

check below for more pictures.




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