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Update: 5/1/2017

Steven Mosbrucker


  • I have taken the cnc plasma cutter class at tech shop redwood city.
  • The cuts it does are quick but pretty rough and will need finishing by hand filing and buffing.
  • However, i learned that tech shop redwood city also has a small heat treating oven for knives that looks like it would be big enough for at least one shredder at a time to heat treat then temper.
  • I will be doing some testing on that with a gear that i cut and some hardness testing files to see what type of hardness i can put out.
  • So i will work on a price and make that available for you guys as well. When i am done testing.
  • I am going to be in contact with my supplier to tell them that i am going to be purchasing a 1/4 inch 1045 about 4"x4" sheet
  • Also i am going to head out there this weekend with some A36 and do some test cuts as that should be pretty similar to the 1045.
  • Also i will try to harden a piece of A36 and it probably wont work.
  • we are really close to getting a prototype cut and finalized to run into production and possibly some heat treating of a few if you guys desire.

Check out pictures bellow.



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