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68th Week: 4/4/2017

Steven Mosbrucker


  • TechShop is still closed. They failed an inspection so new reopen date is 4/5/2017 (tomorrow) instead of 4/1/2017
  • Bearings for dimensional control rollers,pulley have been purchased. I am going to try to get those to work with the spooler
  • A lot of models edited im getting closer
  • As stated in last blog the beta version of the software is finished so waiting to install on first unit
  • Most of the rest of the printing will be completed at TechShop on the replicator 2 because as of right now it is more reliable than my printer at home.
  • Now i am trying to source some rubber or cork to rap around the piece that drives the spool on the spooler module.
  • I am also going to source some hall effect sensor.
  • More pictures when i finalize more of the models and begin printing. or when i get in some of the stuff i purchased.


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