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Update: 3/2/2017

Steven Mosbrucker


  • 1st. Techshop has pushed back there close date AGAIN from March 2nd to March 23rd.
  • this has 2 effects. 1 positive 1 negative
  • Got more time to work on setup on cam.
  • However, the negative is that i will not have access to the water jet till the 23rd plus 10 days for them to close and move everything.
  • After pricing out the steel i have found out that buying the pre cut plates of steel is extremely expensive
  • The best option is to buy 4' x 10' giant sheets and cutting out the plates from the sheets on the water jet. that is what i am going to be using in production. and also it is cheaper for prototype
  • Im still contemplating taking some A36 out of my garage and welding the smaller plates into bigger plate and grind the welds flat
  • however i dont think that that will make a very good functional prototype. Im still probably going to do so because i need to get rid of that 1/4 inch steel
  • Now i have a chance to make the template or jig out of plastic so i can instantly home every sheet i put in in order to swap them out quickly. As each machine takes 3.5 sheets
  • I have gotten an estimate for machine time. It came in at 5.5 hours minimum per shredder. my estimate was 2.5 hours. so the price of the shredder if not pre-ordered before first prototype will see a more drastic price increase than originally expected.
  • so in the mean time shopbot out the jig and check the fit on the tormach. and double check the cad file and save the cam for the tormach. and maybe try some A36


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