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About this blog

Official Blog of the green engineers. come here for periodic general company updates.

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Update: 5/22/18 SUMMER!!!

Today i finished my last final. This marks the first day of summer. Plans for summer. Finish the Mulistruder kickstarter Finish ECOBase design and start kickstarter and start manufacturing. Start production on the Reclaimer shredder Do design for FilaFactory version 2 of filament maker Other things happen in summer TheShop.Build is supposed to open in June 1st Buy a laser cutter for home Possible Summer Class Probably not working much. Start teaching at TheShop.Build

Working at Machine Shop!

Started working at a machine shop the 12th 4 Full Enclosure Mills 3 VMC and 1 HMC 1 Bridgeport Manual Mill Band Saw Vertical And Horizontal Various other tools So i am going to be running parts for him and learning more about CNC machining and eventually MAYBE use one of the mills that he does not use any more for the green engineers projects and still building my plasma. and possibly buying other cnc machines.

Tech Shop: Bankrupt

Techshop went bankrupt 6:00AM yesterday 11/15/17 Because of this i no longer have a shop to build things. and my office for storage at the shop is gone I now have everything in boxes looking for another opertunity Delays on projects to be expected. Link to TechShop Website Note About Closure In PDF Form

Steven Mosbrucker

Steven Mosbrucker


The Green Engineers First Office

The Green Engineers now has an office of operations in the basement of tech shop it is a 8' x 12' "maker cage" it is where The Green Engineers will be operating out of until upgrading to a larger cage I will now be building stuff and designing stuff out of the cage it was mainly rented to allocate all pieces and tools in one place as well as building production machines for the cage as well as being at tech shop to access their production machines. Added ssd to old laptop and now it will be there permanently also got 2d printer for shipping labels and my Trinus 3D printer Check bellow for pictures of the cage progress

Steven Mosbrucker

Steven Mosbrucker

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