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dev blog for the reclaimer industrial grade mini shredder.

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Steven Mosbrucker
  • Dropping off steel today at my classroom shop for building plasma.
  • I got the arduino uno powered grbl controller 4 axis x,y,z,a. with 2.5 amp stepper drivers.
  • Going to be talking to my boss at the machine shop tommarow about machining the shredder on the Excel 10T-24. I will attach a picture bellow
  • He does want me to start doing some setup work which currently i am only running production. So when i get more comfortable with the setup it should be pretty easy to run the shredder especially with a tool changer.
  • Current idea for "recipe" for shredder on 10T-24:
  1. Fasten plate (2'x2') to sacrificial board using industrial strength double back tape.
  2. Use 1/4" roughing endmill to route out the profile of the blades and pocket out the center square. 
  3. Pocket out inner square with 1/4" roughing endmill
  4. Leave about .020" - .025" (onion skin) for "low force" last pass on profile.
  5. Finish the "low force" pass to remove profile from rest of plate.
  6. Tool Chaned andCome back with a  1/8" end mill for finishing and get rid of extreme radius from 1/4"
  7. Add 2nd fixture with the plate (2'x2') already attached. Run This plate with steps 1-3
  8. While next set is being made run remove plate and add new plate and tape to first fixture plate.
  9. Repeat.

Estimated runtime on the 10T-24 is about 1:15-1:30

  • Working on the last few dials to be filed in order to assemble the shredder. Been busy with midterms and work.
  • Then work on trying to heat treat the extra dials and note distortion.

Photos Bellow.

Steven Mosbrucker
  • I got a part time job at a machine shop
  • At this machine shop i am the only machine operator besides the owner.
  • The owner is also very open about when i learn more about the particular machine
  • This particular machine that i would use which is one that he doesn't use any more. is 40" x 20" x 20" which can do about 2 shredders at once. with 10k rpm spindle rated at 15 hp with 24 peice tool changer.
  • Also he can consult me on the job as he has been maching for about 32 years. 
  • He does not have any 2D cutting machines such as a laser/water jet so all would have to be done on a mill.
  • Also i filmed a video talking about the prototype that Kyle at central shop at SJSU. that will hit my youtube channel soon check out external links on my main page of website.
  • i hope to start to order some precut material to just slap on that machine and power through it
  • i will shoot some video and let you guys know when i start cutting. thanks again for your patience.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Ok so here is the deal
  • I just got confirmation that i got the contract. So the funds i am going to get from that contract will be used t words my home plasma cutter.
  • I am still waiting for kyle at central shop to confirm that he made the cuts on the steel for the first prototype
  • So i will be shopping this weekend for the steel to build the machine out of.
  • I will also be looking at picking up some the electronics. mainly the grbl controller as i already have some nema 17s, that will work fine for this project as well as endstops. (i might not use endstops)
  • Then i will be looking for a plasma or a plasma tig mig combo or something. Maybe i will some day be able to make a kit of it because the whole thing will have to be built 
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Ok here is the deal with this project
  • i am running out of options.
  • 1st option is to lose alot of money though paying someone to cut them out 200-320 a piece in that case i would rather just refund. Unless i can find manu for 100 bucks a piece then i will keep making a bunch but obviously increase the price.
  • 2nd option is i have possible upcoming contract job coming up and if i do get that contract i will be building a 2' x 2' plasma machine at my parents place and use that to cut and upgrade it with a percentage of profits.
  • 3rd option. try to get the parts that i already cut to work. which it would look sloppy
  • Kyle at central shop at san jose state is going to be cutting out a prototype for use on a school club project that i am the president of.
  • He already cut out a few prototype blades and spacers out of 1055 using the sweet waterjet. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. interior taper is like 1 thou (.001"). and finish is pretty much perfect.
  • So i am excited to assemble it and get it by the end of this week if my advisor approves it on time. 
  • That would be the final proff of concept so super excited
  • i really hope this works out and don't have to refund so i can become a big manufacture in this space. My favorite option is 2nd option to build the plasma machine. However if i find a manufacture that can do it for 100 bucks i will do so to get it done quickly. I do however think i am going to get this contract so i am pretty excited to have my own machine. I will keep you guys up to date. as kyle finishes prototype and if i get the contract.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Now currently finished with school yesterday. Off till mid to end January.
  • Looking into picking up a kit for a router to run at home. Also setting up workshop at home in my garage.
  • So i am going to need linear rails, grbl kit with nema 17/23,  2 HP low runnout air/water cooled spindle with vfd.
  • Otherwise tech shop is now under new management and they are wanting to re open shops but that is not a fur sure thing and don't know when this will happen.
  • also the current techshop business model is dead because it just didn't work. So i dont know if the new model will be viable for me
  • I would like to start operating out of the house because i have other stuff i need to get done around the house while the router is cutting out parts.
  • Working on getting the broach made but my adviser for my club is not responding anymore so might need to get a new adviser. he has to clear anything that gets made at school.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Finally situated back at home
  • Had some interesting doors open for me this week
  • Today i am dropping off some material to "central shop" here at sjsu to have them try to cut a shredder dial on their brand new multiaxis (tilt) water jet
  • i am going to inspect the shredder dial that is cut and check the taper and tolerance on it if it is good i am going to have them cut out an entire shredder.
  • However this "help" from central shop is kind of under the guise of a school project for my club for a competition. I made this project as a club project to get more help with it's development
  • So i am not sure that if the cut is good if i will be able to get them to do like a 8 shredder production run.
  • However i might be able to have them make a push broach to file the old plasma cut ones at school on their arbor press. I will begin adding one for them to make.
  • i will post some pictures of the output of the waterjet and i will also talk to the main guy at central shop and see whats going on.
  • This week i also checked out a new location to possibly host a plasma cutter that i designed and might build. But that location might not work out.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Techshop went bankrupt yesterday and all locations are now permanently closed
  • Thus i have lost my office location for storage close to my machines
  • Also my access to heavy duty tools is now lost
  • Now i have next to 0 tools available to me
  • That put a major strain on this project. As the only way i was able to economically fabricate the shredder was on techshops redwood city plasma cnc which is now have no access
  • So i am not sure if i will be able to complete the project. i have maybe 4-5 shredders cut however one of the integral pieces were not cut due to needing to be finalized.
  • so i can try to source getting those last few parts cut
  • then my only option to get the project done quickly is to source a cheap place to cut the parts and just take the loss or build my own machine
  • but building my own machine would take forever
  • I will keep you guys posted on the finishing of the parts for my machines.
  • http://www.techshop.ws/techshop.pdf
  • above link has pdf talking about closure.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Still cutting on the plasma.
  • The only piece that remains of the 8' x 4' x 1/4" sheet of 1055 is one 2' x 2' square (1 shredder)
  • i have cut more this weekend on the plasma
  • This week i am going to be training my helper to be able to go through which parts meet tolerance and which parts don't
  • Then he will be filing the insides of the shredder dials flat so that the drive shaft mates to it correctly
  • Then i finish the parts on any tools that he does not have
  • Then this weekend i am going to cut the last 2' x 2' square out and get on the phone to order another 4' x 8' plate.
  • In the mean time i am going to be going through all the parts that i have at the shop from the mill and 60 amp cuts on the plasma
  • We will go from there to put together the shredder.
  • At this point we are in production
  • As i cut more i will be calibrating the plasma further and further.
  • So today i am going to be dropping off my cut pieces with my helper and start training him and getting him any tools that he needs.
  • Hopefully pictures of a competed shredder to come next update. And maybe even a update that they are being tested and being prepared to be shipped.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • At this point now i am coming up to production speed
  • Currently i am at a speed of a shredder a week
  • Using the mill full production speed should be 2 shredders a week
  • parts are coming out pretty good i should have one assembled here pretty soon as i have most of the parts cut
  • i received another set of 1045 square shafts for driveshafts
  • and i am going to finalize the design of the front and back plate
  • then order the bearings so i can assemble first production prototype.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • This week i was finally able to get my feeds and speeds right to finally cut an entire sheet efficiently.
  • This next week will be considered the first week of production for all the parts of the shredder.
  • The feeds and speeds will be tuned further for the machine i am using to finish the full sheet without stopping (efficiency improvement)
  • Hopefully the efficiency gets to a point that an entire shredders parts can be finished in a day (4 hours reservation on machine).
  • Next week i will order more 3/4 inch drive shafts.
  • I forgot to snap photos before i left the shop today so i will do so tomorrow.
  • machining to begin again monday.
Steven Mosbrucker

Update: 9/22/2017

  • Massive Update
  • Yesterday i cut out a few shredder dials on the mill
  • As you will see bellow they are perfect.
  • I will be cutting more this coming week and hopefully have enough pieces by friday to make a whole shredder.
  • The pieces are being cut on a tormach. the precision is great. parts are around .0025 in off. (that is about a hair strand)
  • I will post alot of pictures bellow make sure to check them out.








Steven Mosbrucker
  • I finally got in 3 drive shafts. 3 3/4" square shafts of 1045 8" long
  • i also got 2 sets of bearings in for testing
  • a wider ID and a thinner ID one flange set and one non flange
  • I have been investigating a multitude of manufacturing techniques since last update
  • i think i have decided on milling it.(the thought i had since the beginning)
  • i will be going to end mill retailer to get some tips and tricks to start.
  • more coming very soon.


Steven Mosbrucker
  • After 1 week of being in shop let me show you guys how much i got done to get it online
  • First i sourced a 6 foot 3 shelve industrial shelve
  • a 8 foot x 30 inch table
  • took everything from my parents place and stored it in the cage
  • put ssd in old laptop and now it will be permanently used in the cage.
  • also bought a lot of tools that will be used at tech shop rather than relying on tech shop to have the tools when i need them

check out the pictures bellow generally each picture represents a day of setting up the cage over a week period. so you will be able to see the progress.

also i will be starting a general blog called The Green Engineers Official Blog that will cover general stuff like this. check it out for periodic company updates.









Steven Mosbrucker
  • Today i secured The Green Engineers first work space
  • It is the basement(lower floor) of tech shop san jose
  • it is a 8'x12' "maker cage"
  • So finally i can ge the stuff out of my parents place("storage") and into the place that i work on it
  • No more lost tools and parts because someone moved them
  • finally going to have one place to store everything
  • this will speed up all work
  • So now i will begin bringing everything that is involved with The Green Engineers into the "shop"
  • and for the next little while every time that i go to tech shop i will be dropping stuff off and "furnishing it"
  • super excited as this is a big move for The Green Engineers
  • This should bring great efficiency to working on projects in a more timely manner

check bellow for images of the currently as of today empty maker cage. Now The Green Engineers HQ.




Steven Mosbrucker
  • Did some more cuts on the plasma
  • i am struggling to get good cuts on it
  • so i think im going to transition to using the water jet till i get the cutting right on the plasma
  • so my expenses per shredder have just gone up drastically.
  • each shredder should cost around 100$ to cut
  • so once i get a prototype built the price for further units is going to jump drastically.
  • im thinking somewhere along the $200 mark initially
  • however it is going to decrease my time in post processing the steel to clean it up
  • also this week i tried to heat treat the steel in a electric kiln at tech shop redwood city
  • i found some issues with heat monitoring
  • and decarbonization because of an oxygen deprived environment inside the kiln.
  • but i bought some hardness testing files to test the rockwell C of the steel post heat treating and they are on there way from japan.
  • also i will probably start designing my own kill to introduce carbon into the compartment to carbonize and prevent decarbonize.

check bellow for some awesome images. stay tuned for big update by end of week.








Steven Mosbrucker
  • Got some cutting in this week
  • Got the calibration of the fusion 360 done to get the center square perfect
  • going to finish up an entire shredder this coming weekend
  • i am still shopping for bearing setup and a drive shaft supplier
  • full product coming very soon

Check bellow for a lot of pictures.








Steven Mosbrucker
  • I have purchased and received the plate of steel.
  • It is beautiful. 1055 1/4 inch steel 4' x 8'
  • However now i need to figure out how to get it out of the back of my truck and into tech shop redwood city.
  • as tech shop redwood city has no grade level door and no forklift from what i believe so it probably needs to be rolled in through front door on dolly.
  • i was trying to go today but for whatever reason they were closed or something
  • i am going to try to go tomorrow Sunday
  • but i have a lot of summer class homework so i will see what is going on. As i am definitely going to talk to them to see what we can do.
  • i also got a 3/4" solid square bar to check my holes to make sure they are correct.
  • i will do the best i can to start cutting asap.

Pictures of plate down bellow


Steven Mosbrucker
  • I have finally tried the cut on the shopbot with a 3/32 square endmill 3/8 LOC and 1 1/2 overall
  • long story short i picked wrong parameters and broke the endmill in about 5 seconds. within a cut of half a inch.
  • so we have a few options either i can keep trying to figure out the parameters while paying for 15 dollar endmills every mistake.
  • and supposibly even if you get the parameters right these endmills only last for less than 1 shredder each.
  • or i up the endmill size but that would cause larger radius which would mean loss of detail and material. all of these cause alot of problems
  • So i think i have come to the decision to make the cnc plasma my production machine.
  • Then i will just spend the time to get rid of the taper problems. Most of the taper problems are just the inner square for shaft. so maybe a broach or a router bit
  • i sent another inquiry to the steel company for the sheet. setup delivery locally for pickup.
  • However the sheet for delivery is quite a bit more than i originally thought.
  • I will be doing some summer work helping out starting monday so i will be able to get the sheet soon.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Back home from vacation
  • Going to try something new for first shredder.
  • Tech shop is going to allow me to use the 4'x8' shopbot to try to cut with
  • i have a 3/32" 2 flute end mill
  • We are going to see what kind of quality i can get out of the shop bot as calculators say i can do 35.4 ipm so it wont be too bad on time even though first time im going to do a conservative depth of cut per pass
  • i think the quality is going to be quite a bit better than the plasma and also the radius of the corners will also not be that bad as it would be 3/64th radius.
  • endmill coming tomorrow
  • going to be getting steel during week
  • try first shredder this weekend.
  • generating g-code now for shopbot.
Steven Mosbrucker
  • Finished school monday. Back on full time
  • Went to redwood city techshop again and cut the gears.
  • The gears were the first cuts using fusion 360 cam aka hsm works
  • they had a weird twist in the gear i found out that that was because the arc in the plasma actually bends twords where the ground is and the twist was twords the ground clamp.
  • the cam gcode was not plug and play. i had to modify it to work on torchmate. So i am going to go into more detail on what torchmate didn't like and make sure that that gcode is not outputted.
  • However. fusion 360 still does not have nesting capabilities
  • So i will try to use vcarve pro to do the gcode as it has nesting capabilities.
  • I also had the chance to do varying speed lines on the plasma
  • I did this to check to see ideal speeds to minimize dross which minimizes post cleanup.
  • i started with 19 lines each with dropping speeds of 5 ipm with each line
  • i found that 7 (70 - 40 ipm) of those lines had the least dross.
  • i then put those into a array of 7 lines spread apart and cut them again to better see the dross more clearly and picked the best one i believe 65 ipm
  • i plan on going back to tech shop redwood city tomorrow to cut out a full shredder to gauge the post cleanup. And also time the post cleanup
  • i will be trying to use vcarve pro to do the nesting for the 4x12 plates of a36 to do an entire shredder. I will then try to assemble and see how it goes.
  • However, i will be going on vacation with my family on Friday for 2 weeks. so i will only be working on the gcode from there. so if the a36 goes well i will pick up the 1045 plate from supplier and start cutting.
  • I will also try to get the hardening option up on my store if anyone is interested in that.

check below for more pictures.




Steven Mosbrucker
  • Cut some test pieces this weekend at tech shop redwood city
  • They came out pretty good. except a few problems that will need to be adjusted
  • I now need to come up with a better way of knocking off the dross/slag
  • The software that generates the gcode at redwood city's torchmate is ancient and garbage
  • I will need to figure out how to leverage fusion to get better cuts. and use vcarve pro 8.5 to do nesting into whatever size of plate i have
  • next i will be working on modifying the fusion files to adapt what i learned from the test cuts
  • next weekend i plan on cutting out an entire shredder in A36 for first steel prototype.

check out bellow for all the pictures that i have taken from the cutting process. going to take some more close up shots of the parts i will add those when i take them










Steven Mosbrucker
  • I have taken the cnc plasma cutter class at tech shop redwood city.
  • The cuts it does are quick but pretty rough and will need finishing by hand filing and buffing.
  • However, i learned that tech shop redwood city also has a small heat treating oven for knives that looks like it would be big enough for at least one shredder at a time to heat treat then temper.
  • I will be doing some testing on that with a gear that i cut and some hardness testing files to see what type of hardness i can put out.
  • So i will work on a price and make that available for you guys as well. When i am done testing.
  • I am going to be in contact with my supplier to tell them that i am going to be purchasing a 1/4 inch 1045 about 4"x4" sheet
  • Also i am going to head out there this weekend with some A36 and do some test cuts as that should be pretty similar to the 1045.
  • Also i will try to harden a piece of A36 and it probably wont work.
  • we are really close to getting a prototype cut and finalized to run into production and possibly some heat treating of a few if you guys desire.

Check out pictures bellow.


Steven Mosbrucker
  • CNC Plasma Cutter Redwood City appointment coming up soon
  • About time to purchase the plate of 1045 steel
  • I machined the jig for the A36 for cutting out of the tormach
  • It was machined out of HDPE Starboard.
  • It is a jig to mount 2 4" x 12" x 1/4" A36 Plate to be cut and held down in the tormach. so when i swap in the next pair of A36 plate in i dont have to rehome the tormach
  • plate purchase coming up. Bearings as well, as well as drive square bar. Stay tuned
  • First cuts coming very soon.

Check out pictures below. 



Steven Mosbrucker
  • TechShop is still closed. They failed one of their inspections so the re-open date has been pushed back to 4/5/2017 instead of 4/1/2017
  • I have signed up for the cnc plasma class. issue is that the closest class i was able to sign up for is 4/28/2017
  • I have been calling in for every class from now to 4/28/2017 if a seat come available that i could fill in between now and then.
  • When TechShop San Jose reopens i will be moving forward with the template for the A36 shredders to be able to mill out. even though that process will take like 6-7 hours to make 1 shredder
  • In the mean time i have been looking to buy some heavy duty flange bearings so i can adapt my model to accommodate them. 
  • Then buy the square drive shafts for machining. Or source hexagon shafts
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