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About this blog

upgrading my old QU-BD One-Up 3d printer to a cube shaped aluminum 2020 extrusion printer to make it even usable.


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Steven Mosbrucker

ok i have taken everything apart (removed everything from the frame). I can now get a better look of what i have to work with. I have

  • 2 ~11.25 inch chromed rods
  • 4 8 inch chromed rods
  • 1 9 inch lead screw with brass nut
  • 6 LM8UU linear bearings
  • 4 NEMA 17 motors
  • various bearings for belts
  • 2 NEMA 17 pullies 
  • 2 GT2 belts
  • 1 hobbed pully
  • 1 100 watt power supply
  • 1 printr board

that's about all the useful things i have from the carcass

check pics below

Steven Mosbrucker

a printer i bought long ago that i never really had any success with. It was my first 3d printer and it was a kit i bought for 200 dollars about 2 years ago. I always wanted to upgrade it but never got around to it well now is the time. check out pictures of it below. 






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