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Converting my 20x20mm extrusion Kossel Delta to a large Cartesian

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Steven Mosbrucker

like i said in my first post the idea is to build a entire 3D printer frame off of the 3 700mm 27" uprights all the extrusion motors and all the other brackets and such (i will have to get another extrusion motor for the x carriage). So the main idea is to use as few additional parts that i have to buy and print as possible.

Look at the drawing attached for a better idea of what im going to do. i know it is messy as i have rewrote the plans a few times.



Steven Mosbrucker

attached is a picture of my 20x20mm aluminum extrusion huge Kossel into a large format Cartesian. The setup is the 3 uprights are 700mm (27")  and i have 9 brace pieces are 300mm (12") it also uses 3 500mm linear rails with carriages for linear travel on the uprights. I am actually going to make 2 Cartesian out of this one Kossel Delta. The main one i am going to focus on is the large format printer which is going to use 90% of the parts off the Kossel while the other 3D printer is going to use parts of another printer (basic upgrading the other printer by "changing" the frame).

This blog will mainly focus on making the larger format 3D printer.


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