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    • Started working at a machine shop the 12th
    • 4 Full Enclosure Mills
    • 3 VMC and 1 HMC
    • 1 Bridgeport Manual Mill
    • Band Saw Vertical And Horizontal
    • Various other tools
    • So i am going to be running parts for him and learning more about CNC machining and eventually MAYBE use one of the mills that he does not use any more for the green engineers projects
    • and still building my plasma. and possibly buying other cnc machines.
    • I got a part time job at a machine shop
    • At this machine shop i am the only machine operator besides the owner.
    • The owner is also very open about when i learn more about the particular machine
    • This particular machine that i would use which is one that he doesn't use any more. is 40" x 20" x 20" which can do about 2 shredders at once. with 10k rpm spindle rated at 15 hp with 24 peice tool changer.
    • Also he can consult me on the job as he has been maching for about 32 years. 
    • He does not have any 2D cutting machines such as a laser/water jet so all would have to be done on a mill.
    • Also i filmed a video talking about the prototype that Kyle at central shop at SJSU. that will hit my youtube channel soon check out external links on my main page of website.
    • i hope to start to order some precut material to just slap on that machine and power through it
    • i will shoot some video and let you guys know when i start cutting. thanks again for your patience.
    • Finishing up printing the remaining parts and assembling in the new office
    • Bought leveling platform for Trinus
    • Finally feeling like i am situated back home
    • Bought 2 new spools of filament to finish the parts
    • I am now working part time at a machine shop so i have access to tools again. Tools way better than those at tech shop.
    • Going to try to buy another printer to have at the my part time job at shop so i can print parts aswell. So i can also make use of my time at the shop as i am going to be spending about 30 hours a week here.
    • Also situated back at school so going to start hitting the groove with the parts. 
    • Really excited to get these parts finished and sent out as well as being unveiled at this years maker fair in San Mateo
    • Major Update: also i have been filming some footage and audio for my youtube channel to keep you guys informed in a audio format as it is way quicker than this typed format.
    • So one of the audios that i filmed is talking about the multistruder and the future of the multistruder.
    • that should be hitting youtube soon. so check that out by heading to the main page of my website and go to external links tab.
  1. For the final test of moisture's effect on 3d printed surface finish. i will be testing a varying amount of moisture content PLA to get an array of filament quality to compare


    • cut 5 coils of Octave PLA at around 25 feet ~20 grams each
    • water log all 5 coils for 1 week in water
    • Print the 5 coils in this order
    1. 1st waterlogged coil
    2. 1 hour dried coil
    3. 2 hour dried coil
    4. 3 hour dried coil
    5. 4 hour dried coil
    6. room environment off spool

    Hopefully this final experiment gives us the final answer we have been looking for.

    waterlogged filament will be starting today and will be ready fri(16)-sun(18)

  2. Steven Mosbrucker
    Latest Entry

    i have been messing around with adding the code for a more dynamic temperature control to bring down the hysteresis to 1 degree up and down. to allow for a very higher precision of control. unfortunately i cannot really test it out because i don't have a unit to test anymore. I have one left over in the garage that i will put together until then i will just be working on the code side. v1.1.1 is just me working on it. v1.2 will contain those changes.


  3. ok i have taken everything apart (removed everything from the frame). I can now get a better look of what i have to work with. I have

    • 2 ~11.25 inch chromed rods
    • 4 8 inch chromed rods
    • 1 9 inch lead screw with brass nut
    • 6 LM8UU linear bearings
    • 4 NEMA 17 motors
    • various bearings for belts
    • 2 NEMA 17 pullies 
    • 2 GT2 belts
    • 1 hobbed pully
    • 1 100 watt power supply
    • 1 printr board

    that's about all the useful things i have from the carcass

    check pics below

  4. like i said in my first post the idea is to build a entire 3D printer frame off of the 3 700mm 27" uprights all the extrusion motors and all the other brackets and such (i will have to get another extrusion motor for the x carriage). So the main idea is to use as few additional parts that i have to buy and print as possible.

    Look at the drawing attached for a better idea of what im going to do. i know it is messy as i have rewrote the plans a few times.